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Interviewer Questions has three core products.

Gold Lite gives you access to the interview questions allowing you to create a single interview.  Ideal for micro businesses.

Gold Max allows you to create interviews for 5 job roles.  Included FREE in this package is our Guide to Interviewing.  This is a really useful document outlining how to manage the interview process.

Gold Pro allows you to create interviews for 10 job roles.  Included FREE in this package is our Guide to Interviewing plus the full range of resources covering Great Britain, Ireland and N Ireland.  View a list of the interview questions and resources available | Click Here

Buy System | For larger organisations generating many interviews, buying the system is likely to be considerably more cost effective.  HR teams and managers responsible for setting interviewer questions will benefit greatly by having access to all aspects of  the system including resources.

Here are some additional areas we can assist you with.

Are you under pressure to carry out interviews?  Our new Online Video interviewing means that we can send an invitation to your applicants to complete their interview online.  We have a team of highly experienced interviewers who will then assess the performance of each candidate and recommend only those candidates you might wish to interview yourself.  (You can also see each individual’s interview).  We work with you to create the interview questions.  All marking is undertake by REAL people who you can also talk to.  We refer to it as ‘Powered by Human Intelligence’.

Need to equip your staff to undertake professional interviews?  Our highly regarded course delivered by Dominic McCanny will fully equip your staff to feel confident in job interviewing.

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How to use the System

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FROM DECEMBER 2019 | Using the system could not be easier.  After paying you simply:

  1. Upload your company name, company logo (optional) and enter the job title you are interviewing for
  2. Select the appropriate level: Entry | First Line Supervisor | Manager | Executive Level
  3. Select a relevant business or competency area – seven in total to allow a really focused interview
  4. Choose 7 questions from a list of 35, or add up to 3 of your own, and they will automatically be added to your interviewer form
  5. Download, print or email your questions!

Remember when you purchase the Gold Pro package you ALSO receive all of the resources.  To see what is included click below.

View All Resources and Question Areas Available

Online Video Interviewing

Are you dreading all the work you have to do in setting up interviews.  Perhaps you have limited resources plus the administration of arranging interviews is both costly in terms of time and finance.  We strongly believe that we can assist you in this area.  Interviewer Questions will set up your Online Video Interviews as the first stage of ‘screening out’ those candidates deemed unsuitable for the role.  The service we provide is as follows:

  1. Interview Questions will work with you to develop 5 questions and what you would look to see in an answer
  2. Candidates will be allowed either 2 or 3 minutes to answer each question
  3. We send invitations out to candidates to complete their interview by a set date
  4. Our highly experienced interviewers then score each candidate and make recommendations on who to bring through to an interview with your organisation
  5. We provide you access to view each candidate

Our clients are already seeing the benefits of adopting this approach and candidates report that it provides them the opportunity to complete this first interview in a more relaxed environment.

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Interviewer Training

Improve your interviewing skills

With the many demands placed on businesses we know just how difficult it can be to devote time and energy into recruiting and selecting people.  In this course you will learn the essential steps in recruitment and selection and avoid making costly mistakes.

Who is the course for? 

Anyone who would like to learn the essentials of interviewing and conduct selection interviews professionally

Benefits of attending

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Undertake structured preparation
  • Use sound interviewing techniques
  • Gather accurate information about the candidates
  • Make fair selection decisions
  • Show the organisation in a positive light
  • Become a more professional interviewer

Selection Interviewing

The course is designed to focus an interviewer’s preparation on essentials rather than trivial or superficial niceties which potentially detract from the interview process.  Here you will:

  • Prepare and learn the procedures for the selection interview
  • Introduce the interview process to the candidate
  • Keep the tone of the interview constructive and positive
  • The art of questioning and selecting the best candidate
  • Concluding the interview

Recruit Right First Time

Recruiting right the first time need not be either a difficult or complex task.  Understanding the basics and following our simple guides will greatly assist you in selecting the talented people for your business. This recruitment and selection course will provide you with the essentials in developing:

  • a competency approach to selection interviewing; and
  • avoiding discrimination in interviewing
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