Our Journey to Interviewer Questions

Interviewer Questions is the idea of Dominic McCanny.  For many years now Dominic has been conducting interviews as well as training people in how to interview correctly.  Indeed, Dominic has provided training in interview techniques over the past 20 years to a wide range of businesses.  However, at the age of 25 as Vice-Chair of a local non departmental government body, he was quickly thrown into the area of job interviewing.  That was over 35 years ago now.  Certainly much has changed since then, when there was little support or not a great deal of information on how to interview successfully.

Interviewer Questions arose really out of the many conversations with interviewers who bemoaned the fact that there was not a system with well-developed interview questions.  This gap has now been filled.  Much time and effort has gone into generating probing questions set across four levels.  You can be assured that the questions are very well developed and will allow you as an interviewer the opportunity to really examine the potential of individuals you wish to hire or promote.

Who We Are

Dominic McCanny, founder of Interviewer Questions is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.  He brings 35+ years experience in interviewing to reflect the changing dynamics of the job interview.  Dominic’s aim in developing Interviewer Questions was to make it easy for individuals to interview in a professional manner and to have a wide range of questions available.

This has been achieved with the assistance of a team of highly experienced business psychologists who spent many months developing and then refining almost 5000 interview questions.  The system of course has to be easy to use yet show the interviewer as someone who is professional in their approach.  The interviewer guide and interview template really assists individuals interview with confidence.  It brings many advantages but the greatest of these are that it will assist in selecting the right people by asking the right questions.

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